Our camera offers a variety of opportunities for magnifying an image. The camera itself comes with a 7-70mm zoom lens that provides a 10:1 fully optical zoom. Of course, the one thing I can't take a picture of with my camera (unless I want to get into complicated set-ups with mirrors and the remote control) is my own camera, so this is a publicity shot lifted from a vendor's web site.

Years ago, I was into Super-8 movies. I still have a couple of cameras and some accessories. One of the accessories was this 1.6x teleconverter. I was overjoyed to discover I could attach it to my digital camera. This increases the range of optical zoom I can achieve to an effective 16:1.

In addition, the camera features a "digital zoom" of 2.7:1, providing 27:1 without the teleconverter and just over 43:1 with it. The four pictures below show four shots taken at the same distance at each of these maximum zoom levels.