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PDF Calendar pages: print and put on fridge. Great Egret at Duck Pond. First sighting of abundant sparrow. Mockingbird and others.
New visitor to feeder on chilly afternoon. A visit to the National Zoo. Gulls and Sanderlings at the shore. Church building project underway.
Look out for the new "Zoom" and "Animation" buttons. If you find one, put your mouse over it to see the action. The ones at right do not do that, but will take you to real examples. I've updated the Animate link to point to a recent example.    
The Catalog of Feeder Visitors album is updated every time I add a new picture. American Goldfinch on August 30 and another Chickadee the next day.
Baby Rabbit puts on a show. The commencement ceremony. Female House Finch tries to scare me. Family wedding of the year!
Last Updated November 30, 2001.